• Language consultant for PDtrials.org a new website for Parkinsonís disease clinical trials, part of the Advancing Parkinsonís Therapies Campaign (APT), a national initiative to accelerate the development of new treatments for Parkinsonís disease.

  • Technical Publishing Specialist at VaxGen, Inc. Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance: Preparing and proofreading technical manuals for anthrax, HIV, and smallpox vaccines to be approved by the NIH and FDA (in English).

Other related experience:

  • Localization of ad copy for an institutional TV advertising campaign for Chevron.

  • Translation of Press Releases, advertising and marketing materials for Bank of America, Subway, The California Endowment, San Francisco Department of Elections, Best Buy, and other companies and institutions.

  • Translation of educational materials for St. Maryís Hospital in San Francisco.

  • Language consultant for Flex Your Power: California's statewide energy efficiency marketing and outreach campaign.

  • Voice over (lip-synch) for an international negotiation skills and conflict-resolution training video.